Thursday, 19 May 2011

Tynemouth Tour

The lovely lady below is Keiran-Ann Keilty, a qualified local guide who has just started a guided walking tour of Tynemouth. We got in touch with each other through the Tynemouth Business Forum and agreed that I should do a preview walk with Keiran-Ann. I won't give too much information about the walk as it would spoil the experience. What I  will say is that I learnt more about my local area during my walk than  had learnt in the five years living in Tynemouth. 

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The walking tour starts at Tynemouth Priory and finishes with a delicious cream tea at The Grand Hotel. I really enjoyed my walk with Keiran-Ann and would recommend it to both local residents and visitors to Tynemouth. The talk will educate you and keep you fit whilst enjoying some splendid scenery.

Please combine Keiran-Ann for more details including times and booking information.


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