Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Tynemouth Surf Co

Tynemouth is known for its surfing which has long played a big part in bringing new visitors to the area. You can often see many surfers in the sea just off from the Long Sands beach with many locals surfing when they finish work. I have to admit that I have never surfed due to the fact that I am hopeless in the water. After spending some time in Tynemouth Surf Co I think I may have changed my mind. Everyone there is as you would expect being surfers i.e. very chilled and laid back, but in a way that assures you that they live for surfing and can teach a land lubber like me to surf.

I had a good chat with Stephen the founder of Tynemouth Surf Co about what they do which includes lessons and hire facilities as well as stocking everything you would think of relating to surfing. In the short time I was there I got the sense of a growing community of people who live for the weekend, longing for the surf. I am thinking of asking for a surfing lesson for my birthday as its about time I tried a sporting past time that is available right on my doorstep.

Check out the Tynemouth Surf Co website here for details including lessons and opening times;

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