Thursday, 5 May 2011

The Beard and The Albatross (Seen in Tynemouth)

A Couple of months ago whilst walking on Tynemouth Longsands with my girlfriend I saw Chris (pictured below) with his partner Liane. Now I love faces that tell a story or have lots of Character and I am always on the lookout for people for my '100 Strangers Project' I asked Chris if he would let me take a quick portrait to which he agreed.

Chris is 54/100 '100 Strangers' View the set here

I give Chris one of my cards and left him to enjoy the nice weather. Later that day I received an email saying how much he had liked my portraits and could I send him the image I had taken. He also sent a link to his business 'The Albatross' Backpackers Inn Newcastle. What Chris did not realise is that I knew the hostel well as my friend Chris Fleming has stenciled the rooms with a great selection of quirky artwork that he asked me to photograph.

I bumped into Chris and Liane again on Bank Holiday Monday outside of Gareth James Chocolatier on Front Street whom I will post about this week. I'm currently negotiating with Chris on doing a shoot for his updated website. I find that Tynemouth always attracts quite interesting people as there are so many interesting places and things to do. Quite a few of my '100 Strangers project' are from or have been spotted in Tynemouth. Look out you could be my next stranger.

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