Saturday, 7 May 2011

Tynemouth Station market (characters, collectables and cup cakes)

There are many reasons to visit Tynemouth and the Tynemouth Station Market held on Saturdays and Sundays is certainly one of them. Every weekend the station is turned into a market containing all sorts of stalls selling everything from food to antiques. I personally go for a number of reasons which include cup cakes, second hand books and to stranger watch. The stranger watching is because I am taking part in a photographic project called '100 Strangers' The lady below is one of many great characters that I have seen and photographed in the station.

Cupcake © Anthony Dorman

Cars © Anthony Dorman

The station is always buzzing with many regular visitors looking for a great book, old camera, or item of jewelry or locally produced food. An old friend of mine once bought an old watch from the market for a fiver only to later find out it was worth £3000. I'm not saying this happens often but hey these things do happen. I am just happy if my girlfriend allows me to have a cupcake and I get to see and photograph a stranger for my project.

If you are thinking of something to do on a Saturday or Sunday why not visit the Station Market as part of a day out in Tynemouth. One famous person recently seen in Tynemouth Station is actor David Tennant who was filming 'United'. If you have seen a celebrity in Tynemouth get in touch.

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