Sunday, 1 May 2011

Syon Street Royal Wedding Street Party

For the last few months I have been photographing the people and places in and around Tynemouth for the purpose of writing this blog. I was going to wait until I had about 6 weeks worth of postings but have instead decided to let the blog happen in an organic daily fashion.

I was contacted recently and asked if I would like to take some photographs of a Royal Wedding Street Party happening in Syon Street, Tynemouth. Here is a small collection of images taken on the day which I hope convey the sense of community that Tynemouth has to offer?

There were lots of children dressed in very patriotic outfits who were great subjects for me to photograph as well as bringing a great family atmosphere to the party. I quite fancied having a go at the egg and spoon race myself.

Below is Gabrielle and her brilliant family who invited me to the party and made me feel very welcome all day, they very kindly kept me fed and watered and were great hosts.

Everyone brought food and drink for the event, including the Grand Hotel who kindly supplied some Rose Wine for the party.

Tyne and Wear Metropolitan Fire Brigade made an inpromtu appearance to entertain the children who all had a go with the hose. I think there were quite a few Dad's desperate for a shot whilst all the Mam's were eyeing up the firemen, ha ha. Lets face it Firemen and Woman are pretty cool and they definitely made a big impression on everyone.

Gabrielle's (the party organiser) sisters from Glasgow where in attendance including classical singer Rosa (Rosalind Sutherland) who performed a selection of classical arias that captivated the party goers and brought a tear to many an eye and also a standing ovation. Check out Rosa on this YouTube clip here

Food Glorious Food WOW!!!

Not even a little downpour - how British - could stop the party spirits especially these little ones who never budged and continued  to eat cake like it was going out of fashion.

I have to admit that The Royal Wedding of Will and Kate's brought out the best of the British public both in Tynemouth and throughout the UK. Considering all the doom and gloom that we see everyday on the news this was something that made you feel proud and happy to be British.

I will be posting more stories and photographs of the people and places in and around Tynemouth over the next few days. Please feel free to check out the postings and re-post/tweet/facebook any of the stories.

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