Monday, 9 May 2011

Gareth James Chocolatier

One of the newest venues in Tynemouth is Gareth James Chocolatier. Where do I start about this place - OK - simple - its awesome. For some reason it took me a while to venture inside but when I did I knew I had found a new favourite place. The interior is superb, relaxing, warm and inviting. The smell of the fantastic chocolates on offer is intoxicating and Gareth and the staff are amazingly friendly and relaxed.

Images by Anthony Dorman

On my first visit I bought a selection of handmade chocolates for my parents for their anniversary and some brownies for myself. I was hoping my parents would leave me a chocolate to try but no they scoffed the lot in record time. Saying that my brownie habit has now reached epic proportions, a tale I am hearing from other residents of Tynemouth also addicted to these scrumptious bundles of food heaven. I implore you to visit this place, have a hot chocolate (the best I have had) or a tea, or coffee and enjoy the atmosphere. When you talk to other retailers in Tynemouth and mention Gareth James they light up thinking of all the nice things on offer. Whenever Gareth himself is mentioned everyone says two things - he is really nice and he is doing fantastic things with his business for such a young guy. Gareth invited me to see how the chocolates are made on the premises which proved two things - he is passionate about chocolate and I would eat my weight in chocolate if left unsupervised in there. I will be posting some images about the making of the chocolates on the blog soon.

Check out the Gareth James Chocolatier facebook page here

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