Sunday, 15 May 2011


Puddytigger can be found on the second floor of the Green Ginger Shopping Arcade which must be one of the most unique shopping malls (An old church). Puddytigger stocks a mixture of jewelry, fine art and craft ware as well as soaps and aromatherapy oils. Helen the owner of Puddytigger has put together a collection of locally sourced and ethically sourced handmade goods.

I would recommend anyone visiting Tynemouth to visit The Land of Green Ginger and to go and have a chat with Helen. Puddytigger is a treasure trove of gift ideas, from lovely bears, unique jewelry and artwork as well as craft work inspired by local scenery. My next post about Puddytigger will show some of these items in more depth. This blog is in its infancy and so is written as an introduction which will grow into a larger story. Until then why not pop in and have a chat with Helen who has some great banter. You must also ask to see Boris who is well known to regular visitors.

The Land of green Ginger is one of a number of venues in Tynemouth that is dog friendly if you are thinking of bringing your pooch to Tynemouth.

Visit the puddytigger website here:

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  1. This bear has been adpoted and the jazzy jewellery at the bottom has gone - sorry but you need to be quick
    More Bears are available by Carter Bearns and Ursa Minor Award Winning Artist Bears. All Made in the North East of England