Wednesday, 1 June 2011

L'antiquario (Now Closed) Updated 01/07/11

L'antiquario can be found inside The Green Ginger Shopping arcade (formally 'The Land of Green Ginger') This place is a little gem (literally at times) inside it you will find a mixture of antique and collectable items from porcelain, clocks, jewellery and other interesting pieces of treasure.

I was instantly drawn to the clock and the porcelain you can see in the image above. I don't class myself as an expert in antiques, far from it but I do like great design especially when it is both artistic and functional. When you step into L'antiquario you instantly feel like a treasure hunter. I think the fact that I used to watch Indiana Jones films on VHS every Saturday when I was little has shaped my imagination. This place does feel like a treasure trove especially if you visit when the late afternoon sun streams through the old church windows and bathes everything in a very cinematic light.

Photographs by Anthony Dorman

Because I know nothing about antiques it would be silly of me to pretend that I do so why not pop in yourself and do your own treasure hunting.  L'antiquario can be found on the first floor of The Green Ginger Arcade.

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