Monday, 27 June 2011

Ice Cream Memories on a Hot Day

I have been way too busy to update the blog properly over the last few days which have seen some great weather in Tynemouth. Although I have been sizzling further in land in Newcastle I have simply wanted to walk along the fantastic beaches on offer in Tynemouth. I am a little behind with my photo editing for the blog but will soon be posting about Busy Lizzies, the Toy Museum and Blue Reef Aquarium. Until then here is a retro style image of one of the ice cream vendors in Tynemouth.

View this image here © Anthony Dorman

I hope they have been having a busy time with the weather being so hot. Every time I walk past I am transported back to when I was little and the sound of the ice cream man's siren sent kids into near hysteria. Would it be a 99 with a flake or a screwball? Oh for the days when these were the toughest decisions to make.

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