Saturday, 3 September 2011

Larrys Fishcakes

I met Craig in my favourite local pub The Low Lights Tavern earlier this year. I have been meaning to write about his family business 'Larrys Fishcakes' for some time but only just got round to visiting their unit this week. Through a commission I have undertaken to photograph people with businesses connected to the Fish Quay I knew I wanted to pay Craig and his mum Jean a visit.

Jean's Father 'Larry' started the business in 1960 and the company has grown into the oldest manufacturer of Fishcakes in the UK whilst remaining a family firm that is well loved by its customers. I had never met Jean before but I think I have a new friend as she is such a bubbly person and has even written and published a book about growing up on the Fish Quay and North Shields. I am going to post about this later.

After chatting with Jean and Craig they kindly gave me some fishcakes to take away for my lunch. I should have posted and image of them but my fiancee and I wolfed them down before I could take a photograph. I can tell you that they were lovely and that I will be back for some more soon and also for some of the other savoury products on offer.

It's great to see a local business doing well in such tough times. Perhaps the legacy that was started by Larry and lovingly continued by Jean and Craig was built on the best ingredients both as a foodstuff and a business. I'm a great beliver in people and that good people show their goodness in their faces. Both Craig and Jean are great honest people who are not only proud of their business but their area.

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