Friday, 5 August 2011

Blue Reef Aquarium (Tynemouth)

Blue Reef Aquarium in Tynemouth has established itself as one of the most well loved coastal attractions in recent years, with a collection of sea life ranging from tropical fish, sharks, reptiles and monkeys - yes monkeys (but more about them later). I popped down to the Aquarium and instantly felt myself drawn to all of the colourful fish and animals on display. Looking around at the visitors I could see many parents, grandparents and children happily talking about and interacting with the displays and creatures.

I like the fact that when adults visit the Aquarium they exude a childlike happiness that makes me smile. Being surrounded by the bright tropical fish and the sleek sharks and rays is a very exciting experience.

One of the more unusual but amazingly entertaining displays features the Amazonian miniature monkeys. These tiny adorable little animals are hugely entertaining, one minute they are lazing in the shade eating and the next thing they are scampering up ropes and vines. I was amazed at how curious they were to view us watching them. The children watching the monkeys were laughing and excited every time one of the monkeys came right up to the glass.

Another one of the popular displays is the sea lions which are fantastic huge yet graceful creatures. There is a daily show for the public where the sea lions, amongst other things, kiss each other and the animal carers (there is some teeth brushing involved first ha ha) I don't want to say too much about the show because its much better to just pop down to the Aquarium and see it for yourself.

I just wanted to pop this little fellow (below) in the blog because I thought he was great. Every time I put my camera down he looked at me and then away when I tried to take his photo. Sometimes the little things can be fun and interesting and make you smile.

Check out the Blue Reef Aquarium website below for details about displays, events and much more:

Oh - and you might find a Nemo or Dory in the gift shop.

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