Tuesday, 12 July 2011

The Toy Museum

The Toy Museum in Tynemouth is the result of Tony and Maureen and Bracken's passion for toys. There are over 7000 toys on display and you can tell that every single one of them is well loved. The museum was set up to house their ever growing collection of bears, dolls, cars, robots and childhood memorabilia.

Part of the collection that really appeals to me is the selection of vintage robots which are fantastic. They remind me of old 1950's sci-fi films and the TV series 'Lost in Space' which I used to love. Because there is such a mix of toys from the 1890's until the present day there is something for everyone of all ages. My visit to the museum took me back to my childhood, it had everything I loved and collected from Star Wars, Batman and toy cars. I'm sure the massive collection of dolls, bears and comics will have the same nostalgic effect on every visitor.

One of the things that surprised me on my first visit was the sheer size of the museum and the astonishing variety of toys on display. The museum is TARDIS- like in size, much bigger than the building facade suggests.

I was made to feel hugely welcome on my visit and was shown some of the behind the scenes storage areas brimming with toys of all type. It's great when you meet people with passion, people who love what they do, Tony and Maureen are collectors with a passion for toys. I am sure that everyday their collection inspires warm memories of may a viewers childhood.

If you are in Tynemouth and fancy doing something nostalgic and fun then pop in and say hi to Tony and Maureen. Please check out their fantastic website here: http://www.tynemouthtoymuseum.co.uk/

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